AEW: Fight Forever- The spiritual successor of WWF No Mercy?

When it comes down to video games nowadays it seems like what’s old is new again has become a large source of inspiration for developers within the few years. When it comes down to pro wrestling related video games many people have grown accustomed to the WWE 2K series since the early 10’s. While the 2K Sports have produced a handful of pro wrestling video games within the past decade there were definitely some awful releases that the world had the misfortune of seeing. WWE 2K22 was a game that received mainly good reviews opposed to the universally panned 2K20 title from 2019. But there are many hardcore gamers and pro wrestling fans who would rather relieve the days of WWF No Mercy on the N64 or WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain in terms of gameplay. In 2019, All Elite Wrestling had emerged as a somewhat competitive alternative for pro wrestling fans who have been tired of World Wrestling Entertainment for the past 20 years. In relation to video games we already got to see releases like AEW Casino: Double or Nothing and AEW: Elite General Manager for mobile devices like Android. However, this upcoming title AEW: Fight Forever is going to be the All Elite Wrestling’s first major video game to appear on generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. While the gameplay for AEW: Fight Forever looks impressive and even nostalgic to old-school gamers who were fans of N64 pro wrestling titles: there are some people who feel that the graphics for the game looks obsolete by ’22 standards. The graphics for AEW: Fight Forever looks similar to that of the PS3 which is something that some people might not have a problem with at all. Also, while the gameplay for AEW:Fight Forever does not look as advanced as WWE 2K22 it exceeded the expectations of what some people were initially expecting. So far there has only been about 20 different wrestlers announced for AEW: Fight Forever with more names expected to appear in the game. The AEW: Fight Forever roster size is expected to reach 50 wrestlers and right now we have now official release date for this upcoming title. AEW: Fight Forever will be published by THQ Nordic and Yuke’s and is expected to be one of the biggest non-WWE games that world has seen in over two decades. While AEW: Fight Forever feels like the universally acclaimed WWF No Mercy title from ’00 its unlike to reach that level of popularity following its upcoming release seeing how much gaming has evolved since the start of the new millennium.


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