Trinity Trigger confirmed for western release in 2023!!!

There are so many high profile video games that many people cannot wait to see release in 2023. One of the few upcoming titles that everyone is talking about Trinity Trigger which is an RPG that will be published b y FuRyu. Trinity Trigger will be developed by Three Rings Design and its supposed reflect the vibes of RPG video games from the 90’s and the 00’s. Trinity Trigger is a pretty cool looking game which feels similar to something that Square Enix would have developed back in the 2000’s or the 2010’s decades. Trinity Trigger is basically an isometric real-time strategy RPG that places emphasis on God Warriors who were chosen of ancient gods that represented forces of Chaos and Order. The setting of the game takes place in the fictional continent of Tritania many years following the conflict between the forces of Chaos and Order. The game is centered around the main protagonist Cyan Elreius and his companions Elise and Zantis trying to save the world from conflict after defying the gods and doing the opposite of what he was chosen to do as the Warrior of Chaos. Trinity Trigger set to be released in Japan before the end of 2022. However, the western version of Trinity Trigger is expected to appear in American retailers sometime in 2023. The exact price of Trinity Trigger in America is currently unknown but we there are most likely going to be more details about the pricing of this game before the end of 2022.

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