Retro Gaming 80’s-Street Fighter: (1987)

When it comes down to legendary and overlooked video games to have emerged from the 80’s one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is the original Street Fighter title from 1987. There are many people who have no idea that the Street Fighter series began on the Turbografx CD and the PC Engine back in ’87; especially considering the fact that both consoles were not nearly as popular as the Nintendo Entertainment System from 1983. The original Street Fighter game is not remembered nearly as much as the Street Fighter II series from ’91-’94 mainly because the design and gameplay was very different from other 2D installments that was released during the 90’s. The original Street Fighter game gave players the ability to control either Ryu or Ken Masters as they engaged in a series of battles against opponents in different parts of the world. Along with how awkward the gameplay looked in the original Street Fighter title players only had the ability to control two characters in a game that consisted of fourteen. There characters such as: Ryu, Ken Masters, Birdie, Adon, Gen and Sagat who made their debuts in the Street Fighter game back in 1987. But there were also characters like Retsu, Mike, Mike, Lee and Joe who never reappeared in another Street Fighter game as a playable character since 1987. There are some people believe that Street Fighter from ’87 should have received a remake on consoles such as: Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis back in the early 90’s with everyone in the game being a playable character. But since Street Fighter II became a massive commercial success during the early 90’s Capcom had no intention on remaking the original SF title. Even though, Street Fighter from ’87 was terrible in comparison to its successors; it was an innovator of the Test Your Might mini-game which eventually appeared in Mortal Kombat in 1991. Even though, Street Fighter I was arguably the worst installment within its series without it we would not have this legendary fighting franchise without the original game from 1987.

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