Power Stone- Capcom’s answer to Super Smash Bros in 1999?

There is no question whatsoever that ’99 was an awesome year to be a fan of video games especially following the releases of titles such as Super Smash Bros and Power Stone prior to the start of the new millennium. The original Super Smash Bros game for the N64 is considered to be one of the most iconic titles ever because it was ahead of its time. Super Smash Bros ended up becoming one of the most successful video games of ’99 reaching over 5.5 million copies in worldwide sales. The N64 was on fire back in the late 90’s competing head to head with Sony’s PS1 while the Dreamcast console was highly overlooked for the most part. However, Dreamcast did have some awesome video games such as Capcom’s Power Stone which was basically an arena fighting title. There are several people who would go on record and argue that Power Stone was more innovative than Super Smash Bros gameplay-wise because it included three dimensional gameplay unlike Nintendo most popular arena fighting game from 1999. The original Power Stone game was not considered to be a massive commercial success but its considered to be one of the the most underrated Dreamcast games ever made. There was no question that Capcom was attempting to make their own version of Super Smash Bros considering the fact the company was not doing business with Nintendo for the second half of the 90’s. Also, a console like the PS1 could not run a game like Power Stone due to its limitations and lengthly loading screens. Its quite possible that Capcom wanted to dabble into something new during the late 90’s outside of the Street Fighter series but we ended up getting one of the most unsung video games of the late 90’s.

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