The past couple of months in 2022 have been very exciting to say the least with the development of all types of shocking news that many people did not see coming. In fact, most recently we just learned that Twitch which as been around since ’11 has finally lifted their partnership exclusivity with partners who are affiliated with the online streaming platform. The reason why Twitch lifting its partnership exclusivity is because it provides people with more flexibility and options to stream on other platforms to reach out to large audiences of gamers on places like Youtube and Facebook Live. If we are being brutally honest both YouTube and Facebook are far more popular than Twitch and most people do not want to be locked down to an exclusivity agreement that would prevent them from using either one of those platforms freely. However, despite Twitch not being nearly as popular as Youtube or Facebook the online platform has had at least 140 million users this year alone. Its quite possible that the company wants more people to utilize their platform which is why they are changing some of the terms and conditions of being a partner of Twitch. An exclusivity agreement is something that is not appealing in the eyes of many people today because it limits their freedom and its quite possible that Twitch management realizes especially as it relates to fun and entertainment. However, Twitch’s exclusivity ban does not provide users with complete freedom was players are not allowed to go live on more than one platform. Twitch partners are also now allowed to be on Facebook or YouTube platforms for a long period of time while going live either. While lifting the exclusivity ban will attract more people to join their platform in the future it does not mean that there is going to be a huge uptick of new people joining Twitch because of it.

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