Morrigan Aensland- The true star of DarkStalkers?

There are many people who remember how popular the DarkStalkers series back in the 90’s following the release of the very first video game which appeared in arcade centers back in 1994. Despite, the fact that the DarkStalkers series has been pretty much dead during the past two decades there are some characters from the series that have been featured in other Capcom games for the past several years. There have been characters from the DarkStalkers series like Morrigan, Hsien-Ko and Felicia who have been featured in games like Marvel vs Capcom 3; which ended up becoming one of Capcom most popular fighting games of the 2010’s decade. In fact, Morrigan Aensland has been featured in just about every Marvel vs. Capcom game since ’98 mainly because of how popular she is with Capcom fans along with casual gamers. The strange thing about DarkStalkers is the fact that Demitri Maximoff was actually the main protagonist of DarkStalkers when the series first began. However, Demitri had hardly been featured in any high profile video games outside of the DarkStalkers series like Morrigan or Felicia. There are many people would argue that Morrigan’s popularity is mainly based on her sex appeal which is true for the most part. However, Morrigan Aensland was created during a time period where Capcom did not have too many big female protagonists which made her standout more back in the 90’s. Also, Morrigan Aensland was considered to be one of the first true female anti-heroines that Capcom ever had. Morrigan was the half-angel sister of Lilith who everyone knows is an infamous demonic figure in history but she is not considered to be evil herself. While Morrigan & Lilith are two halves of one whole being apparently Aensland was always the more popular of the two. In fact, Morrigan Aensland overshadowed Demitri for the most part within the DarkStalkers series especially as it related to the ’97 anime which only had about four episodes. If anything the legacy of the DarkStalkers series lives primarily through Morrigan Aensland considering how relevant she still is today in comparison to everyone else from that series.

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