Persona 5- Best storyline within its series?

Everyone knows that Persona 5 is one of the most popular RPG titles to have emerged from the 2010’s decade. The Persona 5 game has managed to sell over five million copies worldwide since its ’16 release and many people believe the success of P5 could be credited to multiple things. Persona 5 had a more superior art style than its predecessor along with improved gameplay mechanics and a great storyline. In fact, some would argue that P5 had the best storyline within the entire series especially due to how much mirrors reality as it relates to society. Persona 5 was not quite as dark as P3 from 2006 but it was more intriguing because it placed emphasis on growing suspicions about a worldwide conspiracy involving powerful authority figures. The protagonists in Persona 5 known as the Phantom of Thieves main goal was to expose the corruption of men in power by using a mysterious smartphone app to enter their hearts in order to change them.

The believe among the Phantom of Thieves was that people in society are forced to put on facades and wear false masks to disguise their true identity from the public; mainly because they live in fear while being in a world full of oppression and slavery which ran is by the elites. One of the coolest things about Persona 5 was the fact that it was a non-linear game where players had least three different endings with two of them being bad depending what choices they make. The main antagonists were a group of individuals known as the Conspiracy who secretly ran Tokyo, Japan and planned on replacing its government with their own. The reason why the Conspiracy group sounds intriguing is because it feels similar to that of the New World Order a mysterious powerful organization that has been talked about for decades now. Joker ended up becoming one of the most popular RPG video game protagonists of all-time and apart of possibly the greatest entry within the Persona series overall.

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