Is Gran Turismo 7 a commercial failure?

There are many people around the world who know about Sony’s Gran Turismo series especially since its been around 1997. Within the past 25 years the Gran Turismo series has been viewed as the biggest most popular video game franchise of all-time. The quality of each Gran Turismo game has improved within almost every installment released during the 00’s & 10’s decade. However, despite the quality of Gran Turismo games increasing over the past 20 years it seems like the series has been slowly declining in popularity following the 00’s decade. While Gran Turismo Sport was a massive commercial success following its release in ’17 its hard to say the same thing about Gran Turismo 7 which came out back in March 2022. Since its release Gran Turismo Sport had managed to reach eight million copies in worldwide by the fourth quarter of ’18 and was a game that was critically acclaimed following its release for the PlayStation 4. While Gran Turismo 7 was one of the most anticipated video games for ’22 the game itself does not seem to be doing great in terms of sales at the moment. Normally, if Sony’s most anticipated video games are massive commercial successes within the first weeks the company would be the first to boast about it; but that does not seem to be the case with Gran Turismo 7. While the graphics and physics for Gran Turismo 7 are stunning many people have criticized Sony for its use of micro-transactions which did not sit too well with numerous gamers. The PlayStation 5 by itself is very expensive and with the price of almost everything in America increasing the last thing people want to do is use real money for in-game currency. Its one thing to use real money to unlock downloadable content but no one should have to purchase things that are already on a disc they purchased at the store. There were many people who had high expectations for Gran Turismo 7 and despite how the final product looks in terms of gameplay a majority of gamers have shown more frustration than joy following its release in March 2022. But to be fair its only been a few months since Gran Turismo 7 has been released and its quite possible that the game could end up selling as much as its predecessor Gran Turismo Sport.

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