Retro Gaming 10’s: Pinball FX 2: (2010)

There were so many awesome video games that had emerged from the 2010’s to a point were underrated gems like Pinball FX 2 are often overlooked by many people. Pinball FX was developed by Zen Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios and was basically a 3D virtual arcade game. Despite, the fact that pinball games have greatly declined in popularity after the 90’s Pinball FX 2 looked very appealing to casuals and was almost everything that a kid could ask for. The spacey-techno BGM for the main menu felt so chill and the graphics for the game looked amazing. The soundtrack for Pinball FX 2 in general was incredible and sounded like something that belonged on movies. One of the best features about Pinball FX 2 was the fact that each table had its own theme song. It should also be noted that FX 2 was one of the few virtual pinball games that had online multiplayer gameplay that could feature up to four players. People also had the option of purchasing the expansion pack to the original game known as Pinball FX 2 Core which included additional tables aside from what the base game gives them for free. the Pinball FX 2 Coe expansion pack came with tables such as: Rome, Biolab and Pasha. While there have been three Pinball FX titles released since ’07 some would go on record argue that the second entry was quite possibly the best of the trilogy. Even though, we got a Pinball FX 3 back in ’17 it was not quite as popular as the second game from 2010. Even if Zen Studios ever decides to make a Pinball FX 4 title the series has obviously reached peak and the pinball genre of gaming is even irrelevant now than it was over a decade ago.

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