New female protagonist announced for GTA 6!!!

The news broke the other day on Twitter that RockStar Games will be adding a female protagonist within the Grand Theft Auto series for the first time ever. As it currently stands we have no idea on what the character looks like or what her name is but we do know that she will be a Latina. There have also been rumors going around on the internet that Grand Theft Auto VI will most likely be more culturally sensitive than its predecessors which were more controversial especially during the 00’s decade. Seeing how much American society has change within the past decade RockStar Games is most likely going to do everything they can to appeal to the general audience without offending certain races and genders. While GTA 6 is still going to be an “M” rated game we can still expect blood, gore and violence which is positive for many young adults who are still fans of the series. While GTA6 is designed to be less offensive to the general audience this could allow developers to focus more on other aspects of the game such as quality storytelling, gameplay mechanics, game modes, physics and possibly character development. Even though, Grand Theft Auto 6 VI still in the early stages of development many people are hoping that RockStar Gams provides more updates between now and next year about their highly anticipated action-adventure title.

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