Retro Gaming 00’s- Twisted Metal Black: (2001)

There are many people who remember the Twisted Metal series which started back in ’95 considering the fact that series itself is one of the greatest vehicular combat franchises of all-time. While many people believe that the best installment within the entire series came out back in ’96 following the release of Twisted Metal II which was a huge commercial success. While Twisted Metal III from ’99 was considered to be the weakest entry within the series the Twisted Metal: Black title from ’01 felt like a step forward in the right direction. Twisted Metal: Black was released as a PS2 exclusive and was developed by Incognito Entertainment and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. There were so many features about Twisted Metal: Black that left a favorable impression on so many people following its release because because it looked and felt very different from its 90’s predecessors. Unlike, the games from the 90’s Twisted Metal: Black had high quality cutscenes and voice-over dialogue to tell a story in addition to having fast paced gameplay that featured vehicular combat.

One of the coolest things about Twisted Metal: Black aside from everything else was the introduction of a new villain known as Warhawk. In Twisted Metal trilogy from the 90’s Calypso was normally the main villain but he does however make an appearance in TM: Black and still ran the demolition derby that took place within the game. Unlike, its predecessors the setting for Twisted Metal: Black takes place in only one city opposed to it being a worldwide demolition derby that takes place in multiple in multiple locations. The dark atmosphere and serious tone to Twisted Metal: Black help the game standout more than other installment within the series; with the cutscenes being almost equally as good as the gameplay. Not only do players have fond memories about Twisted Metal: Black the game itself was also a commercial success and reportedly generated over $30 million in revenue following its release on the PS2 during the early 00’s.

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