Retro Gaming 90’s- Daytona USA 2: (1998)

Everyone remembers the arcade racing classic from ’94 known as Daytona USA. The original Daytona USA title was one of the few memorable racing titles from the 90’s that Sega released within arcade centers that became highly popular in countries like America and Japan. Despite, not being quite as iconic as the Outrun title from ’86 Daytona USA was one of Sega’s better video game creations outside of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. While the original Daytona USA title became very popular during the 90’s the sequel from ’98 known as Daytona USA 2 is one that was somewhat overlooked. Daytona USA 2 was released for the Sega Model 3 and included arcade cabinets that allowed up to at least sixteen people per game. As expected Daytona USA 2 featured more superior graphics than its ’94 predecessor and unfortunately only had three courses; which was something people saw as somewhat of a letdown. Despite, having limited courses Daytona USA 2 was both fun and competitive and provided players with an unforgettable arcade racing experience. For whatever reason Daytona USA 2 was never ported for the Sega Dreamcast despite the game system being released in ’98 which many people found baffling over 20 years ago. After all, Sega Rally 2 which also received an arcade release in ’98 was ported to Sega Dreamcast in ’99; but then again Sega Rally 2 had more depth due to its ten year championship mode. While the Daytona USA series has also been mostly a basic racing game that appealed to casuals it felt like each installment lacked depth in terms of modes. Its shocking that Sega has never remade Daytona USA 2 after two plus decades but then again it was not as popular as the original title from 1994.

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