Should there be a brand new Justice League game?

When it comes down to comic books and almost anything media related almost everyone knows about Justice League considering the fact that they have been around since the 1960’s. Even though, the Justice League has been around for decades now the superhero group had began to really began to become very popular from the 00’s onwards with the animated television series from ’01 to all the games on the Game Boy Advance during that time period. Even though, the Justice League as a group had seemingly had gained more exposure on a mainstream level opposed to the 90’s where the spotlight was seemingly on Marvel more; the group was still overshadowed for the most part within the realm of gaming. Most of the Game Boy Advance titles that involved the Justice League are forgettable mainly because Pokemon, Mario and Zelda where the biggest attractions during the early 00’s when it came down to the handheld game system. The Justice League Heroes game from ’06 was not really a good game and for the most part was forgettable despite having a decent presentation during the PS2 era of gaming.

The Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe video game from ’08 was pretty good mainly because nobody expected that crossover to happen. Despite, the success of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Justice League did not shine within the realm of gaming in terms of mainstream success until the start of the Injustice series back in 2013. The Injustice series was interesting because the group was divided and we got to see legendary superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman as super-villains or anti-villains depending on how you look at how they were presented. Its hard to view the Justice League in the same way the group had been presented over the past several decades prior to the start of the Injustice series; which makes people wonder if a new Justice League game would be a huge attraction on current generation game systems like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Even though, rumors have been swirling around online about Outright Games working on a kid-friendly Justice League game many people are skeptical about it. While teenagers and young adults most likely don’t care as much about the Justice League series as much in relation gaming there is no doubt that it might still appeal to casuals and children for the most part. If there is truth to the rumor regarding Outright Games developing a new Justice League game for ’23 hopefully we learn more details about it before the end of 2022. The real question that people have in relation to the Justice League as far as gaming is concerned is when will Injustice 3 be released?

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