Dance Dance Revolution A3- Would it be an attraction on the PS5?

There are many people who are well aware of the fact that the Dance Dance Revolution series has been around since the late 90’s. Dance Dance Revolution is one of Konami’s most high profile video game franchises ever and was very popular between the late 90’s and a majority of the 00’s. When it comes down to popularity the DDR series has greatly declined in western countries like America throughout 10’s decade; mainly because Americans prefer first-person shooter games, RPG’s and action adventure titles over anything in relation to the music genre. The last major installment within the Dance Dance Revolution that appeared on a home console was DDRX which appeared on the PS2 between ’08-’09. Almost, every DDR title from the 10’s was released exclusively in arcade centers. There is no question that Konami provides people with a more superior gameplay experience in arcade centers as it relates to the Dance Dance Revolution series. The idea of having Dance Dance Revolution A3 ported for the PlayStation 5 does not make too much sense if the game is most likely going to flop while failing to generate an acceptable profit for Konami. In fact, its shocking that the DDR series is still around considering the fact that the soundtrack quality has seemingly declined over time due to mainstream music getting worse since the early 00’s. In fact, its highly unlikely that many American’s are unaware of the fact that Dance Dance Revolution A3 even exists due to how irrelevant the series has been over the past decade.

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