Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth- will it surpass the FFVII: Remake in sales?

When it comes down to upcoming video games one of the titles that people are looking forward to Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth which is set to appear for the PlayStation 5 sometime between late 2023- early 2024. The trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is supposed be the second part of a brand new trilogy that Square Enix has decided for Final Fantasy VII following the success of the FFVII: Remake from 2020. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will be exclusive for the PlayStation 5 especially considering how old the PS4 currently is. While Final Fantasy VII: Remake was initially expected to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive prior its release the game was eventually ported for Microsoft Windows but its uncertain whether or not that will be the case for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. Even though, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth sounds very intriguing one of the few negatives about this upcoming game is that players will not be able carry over saved data from Final Fantasy VII: Remake part 1. If Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth remains a PS5 exclusive during its release the game might end up selling less than its 2020 predecessor which appeared on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows. Many people have more access to Microsoft Windows and PS4’s than they do the PlayStation 5 considering how expensive Sony’s current generation game system is right now. While the Final Fantasy VII: Remake game from 2020 managed to reach around 3.5 million copies in sales it hard to see Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth surpassing that it sales. But since Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is supposed to be giving us a brand new story its quite possible that the plot along name value of FFVII could help Part II exceed Part I in terms of sales on the PlayStation 5.

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