Gran Turismo movie coming soon?

There has recently been numerous websites talking about Gran Turismo in relation to cinema. It has recently been reported we are supposed to be getting a movie adaption of Gran Turismo next year on August 11th which will be produced by Columbia Pictures and the director Neill Blomkamp. The announcement of a new Gran Turismo movie is both intriguing and puzzling especially since the series has lacked a central story for the past 25 years. Gran Turismo game despite its massive popularity since the late 90’s has mainly been a racing game solely about cars and driving and competition which has evolved nicely since its inception. If anything it would make more sense to have a video game adaptation of a racing game from the Need For Speed series since most of those games had stories and protagonists people could sink their teeth into. Also, there is also the feeling that despite how great almost every Gran Turismo game has been since the late 90’s Sony had many opportunities to start a story mode within the series. However, as it relates to this upcoming Gran Turismo movie the plot is based on a true story where a teenagers gaming skills helped him win a series of Nissan competitions which lead him to become a professional race car driver. As it currently stands there has been no trailer or footage of the upcoming Gran Turismo movie that has yet surfaced but its not surprising that Sony wanted to do something special with the series following its 25th anniversary. Hopefully, we learn more details about this upcoming Gran Turismo film before the end of 2022.

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