Minecraft Legends announced for release in 2023!!!!

When it comes down to blockbuster announcements in relation to upcoming video games we have received nothing but good news since the start of 2022. Unfortunately, various popular titles that were presented at Sony’s State of Play 2022 event such as Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4: Remake and Final Fantasy XVI are all expected to be released next year. The same thing can be said with Minecraft Legends which was recently announced at the Xbox Showcase 2022. We got to see a reveal trailer for Minecraft Legends which is going to be the sequel to Minecraft Dungeons which was released back in 2020 for multiple game systems. The visual presentation for Minecraft Legends looked highly polished and is basically another spin-off to the original Minecraft title from 2011. Minecraft Legends is co-developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive and will be published by Xbox Game Studios and has a story where players have to defend their Overworld from foreign invading pilgrims. Even though, Minecraft Legends is seen as a spin-off title from the original ’11 game there are many people who are still fans of the series in general. The original Minecraft game is considered to be one of the greatest games of the past decade especially since it managed to earn roughly around $2.5 billion in revenue since its inception. This upcoming Minecraft game is expected to appear across multiple current generation game systems including Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC sometime around Summer 2023. Even though, many people are looking forward to Minecraft Legends next summer hopefully we get an official Minecraft 2 sometime later down the line within the 2020’s decade.

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