Street Fighter 6- New features & characters

There are many people who are still talking about Sony’s State Of Play event that took place on June 2nd especially since Street Fighter 6 was trending on Twitter after another trailer of the game emerged online. The latest trailer for Street Fighter 6 looked very impressive and in relation to art direction and new features such as open world exploration which will be a first within the legendary video game series. It has been confirmed that several new characters will be making their debuts in Street Fighter VI including Marisa, Lily, Jamie, Mimi, JP, Kimberly and A.K.I. There will be many people who will also be happy to see veteran characters from the series make a return to Street Fighter VI including Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken Akuma, Guile, E. Honda, Dhalsim, Zangief, Cammy and Juri Han. One of the most appealing aspects of Street Fighter 6 was that Capcom went with a more urban vibe in comparison to its ’16 predecessor. In fact, the urban tone of Street Fighter 6 is a bit reminiscent of the SFIII installments from ’97-’99. In relation to features it has been confirmed that new gameplay mechanics will add more life to the game itself. Street Fighter 6 will see the introduction of the Drive System which will allow players to a variety of things during battle including Drive Parries, Drive Rushes, Drive Reversals, and Drive Impacts. Drive Parries are utilized in defense to repel the attacks of opponents in order to refill their Drive Gauges.

Drive Impacts allows players to absorb their opponents offense leading to a brand new mechanic called a “wall splat”. Drive Reversals are mainly used for defensive purposes as it relates to countering opponent’s attacks. Players will also have the ability to Overdrive Arts something that is highly similar to EX moves that allows them to power up Special Moves. The cool thing about the gameplay in Street Fighter 6 is the fact that its friendly to both hardcore fans of the SF series along with beginners. Street Fighter 6 will include “Classic Control Type” were players have to utilize specific button combinations in order to perform special moves. Street Fighter 6 will also feature a “Modern Control Type” option of gameplay where players can press a few simple buttons to perform special moves. Even though, we have learned a lot about Street Fighter 6 within the past day or so Capcom still has everyone in the dark about the main story for this game. Hopefully, we get a campaign mode in Street Fighter 6 is similar to that of SFV which was considered to be masterpiece. As it currently stands Street Fighter 6 is currently set for an upcoming release for multiple game systems including the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and PC sometime next year in 2023.

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