Retro Gaming 10’s- Batman: Arkham Knight: (2015)

When it comes down to high profile action-adventure games to have emerged from the mid 10’s one of the many titles that comes to mind is Batman: Arkham Knight from 2015. Batman: Arkham Knight was released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and was developed by Rocksteady Studios while being licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Arkham Knight was the direct sequel to the Arkham City game from ’11 and utilized the Unreal Engine 3 as players traveled throughout the open world of Gotham City from a third-person perspective. Arkham Knight was a game that had a total of fourteen different missions as it related to stoping the diabolical plans of the main antagonist Scarecrow. Not only did Batman had to deal with Scarecrow he also had to deal Harley Quinn who aligned herself with the main antagonist to avenge the Joker’s death. Also, recurring villain Two-Face appeared in Arkham Knight to align himself with Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and Penguin to destroy Batman which made for a slightly more interesting plot than what we got in Arkham City. The opening credits for Arkham Knight along with the dark atmosphere and background lightening gave the game a cinematic vibe which was a definitely a strong positive. In addition, to the visual presentation of Arkham Knight the game was extremely polished with hardly any bugs or glitches within the game whatsoever as it related to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of this title.

Also, Rocksteady Studios had gave players a lengthy list of weapons and gadgetry to navigate through as Batman including batrangs, grapnel guns, voice synthesizer, remote hacking devices along with many other items. Also, the gliding feature in Arkham Knight was improved in comparison to its predecessors give players the opportunity to make both longer and steeper flights while using Batman’s bat cape. The combat system in Arkham Knight was also very impressive allowing players to perform various combos while striking enemies along the ability to evade and counter their attacks as well. Batman could also disarm various foes in the game and utilize their own weapons against them or towards other enemies. As far as gameplay was concerned one of the coolest things about Arkham Knight was the access people had to the Batmobile and learning how to use it effectively during missions. Despite, not being nearly as popular or successful as Arkham City it should be noted that Arkham Knight had managed to reach approximately 5 million copies in sales. The added DLC content and expansion packs for Arkham Knight which allowed people to play as other characters such as Batgirl and Catwoman while having additional costumes and challenge maps contributed to the overall quality of this action-adventure masterpiece. Even though, Batman: Arkham Knight was amazing it seems like the game will not getting a direct sequel anytime soon.


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