Retro Gaming 10’s- Saints Row: The Third: (2011)

There is no question that THQ had licensed so famous games back in the day before the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and went defunct back in 2013. One of titles that THQ had licensed back in the early 10’s that almost everyone remembers was Saints Row: Third which was released back in ’11 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Saints Row: The Third was developed by Volition and was an action-adventure game which ended up being the official sequel to Saints Row 2 which was released back in 2008. The story for Saints Row: The Third had followed the events prequel five years later and focused on the conflict between 3rd Street Saints and a international criminal enterprise known as the “Syndicate”. Players control the main protagonist known as “Boss” who is arrested towards the beginning of the game for botched robbery in Stilwater for a movie project about 3rd Street Saints. There was conflict between the Saints and the Syndicate after a monetary exchange between the two parties went wrong leading to Gat’s death in order to allow Boss and Shaundi to escape with their lives. The setting of the game was mainly in Steelport a fictional version of New York City which was pretty much ran by three different gangs affiliated with the Syndicate including Morningstar, Deckers and the Luchadores. The 3rd Street Saints deal with seeming endless opposition within the game because not only do they have to try and take over Steelport; they also have to deal with a dangerous paramilitary group known as S.T.A.G (Special-Tactical Anti-Gang Unit) who have their own personal agenda as it related to rebuilding city.

As far as the campaign for Saints Row: The Third is concerned the game provided players with at least fifteen hours of gameplay with a compelling story full of unexpected events that kept players on the edge of their seats. The story of Saints Row: The Third saw interesting twists and turns including one of the main antagonists Killbane taking Kiki’s life and Viola betraying the Syndicate and helping the 3rd Street Saints out of anger and discontent towards the Syndicate. Saints Row: The Third had approximately 47 missions and allowed co-op gameplay with two people and had dual endings depending on what action players takes before the end of the game. There were countless features about Saints Row: The Third that were praised my various critics including the art design, storytelling, great voice-acting and the in-depth customization options players were presented with. Also, as a action-adventure video game Saints Row: The Third was one of the most memorable titles to have come out of ’11 alongside Batman Arkham: City and L.A. Noire. Saints Row. Saints Row: The Third was also a bigger commercial success than its prequel and managed to reach at least 5.5 million copies across multiple platforms in relation sales. There are several people who would argue that Saints Row: The Third was the best installment within the entire series and started to go downhill in terms of over quality following 2011. While many people wish that THQ was still around the license games within the Saints Row series almost everyone will always have fond memories of the first three installments they published between ’06-’13.

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