Retro Gaming 10’s- Bayonetta 2: (2014)

Bayonetta 2 is highly regarded as one of the most underrated video games to have appeared on the Wii-U console during the mid 10’s mainly because it did not sell as much as other titles on the game system. Bayonetta 2 was developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo as a action-adventure hack n slash title which came out back in 2014. Bayonetta 2 was the sequel was the sequel to the ’09 predecessor that came out for the original Wii console. The reason why Bayonetta 2 stood out so much on the Wii-U was because it was one of the more popular non-Mario non-Zelda titles to have appeared on Nintendo’s eighth generation game system. There were a variety of things that stood out on Bayonetta 2 in comparison to its prequel including an improved combat, in-depth customization options along with the inclusion of a brand new online Tag Climax mode. Bayonetta 2 feature breathtaking fast paced gameplay with a campaign mode that could be completed anywhere between 10-12 hours depending how skill you were. The story for Bayonetta 2 is divided into nineteen different chapters with the third and fourth arguably being the most difficult ones. Aside from the vast overall improvement from the original Bayonetta game in terms of gameplay, combat and presentation of the few things that stood out in the ’14 installments was the increased level of difficulty presented in this title.

The overall commercial success of Bayonetta 2 was negatively affected by the fact that the Wii-U console was considered to be a massive flop in retail stores around the world in comparison to its competitors PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There are many people would argue that if Bayonetta 2 came out back in ’11-’12 for the Wii console the game could have potentially have been more successful than it was one the Wii-U. Despite, its massive shortfall in sales and lack of mainstream commercial success it was recognized as one of the best video games of ’14 is it related to any gaming platform. Bayonetta 2 stood out in ’14 mainly because in the eyes of many people it was considered somewhat of bleak year within the gaming world; due to lack of high profile video games that were released during that time period. The popularity of Bayonetta 2 eventually lead to the game being ported to the Nintendo Switch a few later in 2018. As a female protagonist Cereza is arguably Nintendo’s most popular character next to Samus Aran despite the Bayonetta series only being around for little over a decade. Similar to how the second Bayonetta game was better than the first there is almost no question that the series is going improve over time; especially with the ’14 installment aging nicely almost a decade later.

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