Will video game consoles eventually become obsolete?

As many people already know the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X along with the Nintendo Switch are currently the hottest game systems available in retail right now. its been over two years since the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X was released and they have both performed pretty well in sales thus far. The PlayStation 5 has managed to reach over 17 million units in sales thus far while the Xbox Series X has hit over 12 million. The Nintendo Switch which came out back in ’17 has reached over 107 million in sales surpassing its predecessor the Wii-U by leaps and bounds. One of the biggest questions that some people has as it relates to gaming on whether hardware consoles will still be a thing by the year 2030. As many people know mobile gaming has been skyrocketing in terms of popularity because its more convenient and it allows publishers to reach out to a more casual audience in general. Also, issues regarding inflation in America only seems to get worse by the day meaning the average person is going to have a difficult time affording video game consoles years from now., The American dollar seems like its going to collapse if it has not already and cryptocurrency is likely to be the future about ten years from now. There is so much uncertainty regarding the American economy right now to a point where even kids and teenagers will eventually lose interest in gaming because they are concerned about their future. It should also be noted that PC gaming is way more popular today than it was over a decade ago because more people in America own computers than they do game systems; which does nothing but benefit Microsoft in the long run. The current sales numbers of the PS5 and Xbox Series X shows that Americans in general still have strong interest in gaming whether they be children, teenagers or young adults but who knows how long that is going to last. Even Sony & Microsoft release next generation consoles towards the end of the 20’s decade they would most likely be too expensive considering how the price of almost everything is constantly increasing.

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