What does the future hold for the FIFA series?

As many people already know EA Sports has recently ended its partnership with the FIFA series after producing video games for the franchise within the past 30 years. It seems like things broke down between EA Sports and FIFA in relation continuing their business partnership which is unfortunate considering how popular the soccer video game series has been in the past fifteen years. EA Sports has recently released on one the best FIFA installments in recent memory back in September 2021 seeing that it reached over 9 million in sales. Despite, the massive commercial success that FIFA 22 has recently had apparently both EA Sports and FIFA plan on going their separate ways; which has many people questioning the long-term future of the legendary video game series. If FiFA is no longer licensed by EA Sports what video game publisher would the franchise do business with in the future; unless this upcoming game EA Sports FC is truly the installment of the FIFA series that the world is ever going to see. Everyone knows that when it comes to major professional athletic video games EA Sports is the premier publisher for those types of games whether they be basketball, football or soccer games. As people know FIFA was making $150 million annually on average from their contract with EA Sports and probably wanted more seeing how successful their latest game was commercially. One would imagine that it would be very difficult for FIFA to find another video game publisher that specializes in creating sports games on the same level as EA Sports. The fact that EA Sports rebranded this upcoming soccer game say a lot about the split between FIFA and themselves. Hopefully we will learn more details about the future of the FIFA franchise sometime in the near future.

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