Forza Horizon 6- Currently in development?

The Forza Horizon series is one of the best things going right now as it relates to the racing genre of gaming especially following the success of the latest installment which came out in November 2021. As many people know Forza Horizon 5 was without a doubt the most high profile video game of ’21 and it exceeded the expectation of many people by reaching roughly over 15 million copies in less than a year. There are many people who are playing Forza Horizon 5 right now who would go on record and argue that its one of the best racing games that Playground Games and Xbox Game Studios has ever put out. While there has been speculation about a potential for a sequel to Forza Horizon 5 it seems like those rumors have recently been confirmed. There have been multiple online sources that have confirmed that Playground Games had a job listing for a level designer position as it related to an upcoming AAA game. Everyone knows that Playground Games specializes in the development of high profile racing games and many people are under the impression that the job listing is most likely referring to a brand new Forza game. Playground Games and Xbox Game Studios has yet to announce Forza Horizon 6 for a future release Xbox Series X; but many people are under the idea that Forza Horizon 6 is currently under development at the moment. Hopefully, more information emerges before the end of the year about a potential Forza Horizon 6 for the Xbox Series X.

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