PUBG Mobile – Most popular battle Royale game of the 2010’s?

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is one of the most popular to have emerged from the late 10’s especially as it relates to the PS4/Xbox One era of gaming. There are many people who have access to PUBG mobile considering the fact that its free to play and its easily accessible to everyone who owns a phone. PUBG is considered to the one of the top Battle Royale games on the market right now and there are many people who waiting for an official PUBG 2. PUBG mobile which came out back in early ’18 has been a massive success since its initial release and has managed to earn at least $7 billion in the time span in roughly over four years. PUBG mobile has also managed to gain over 555 million downloads since its inception and is one of the most popular iOS/Android games in recent memory. Between ’16-’21 we have seen the emergence of several popular Battle Royale games including Fortnite and Apex Legends which are top contenders for the best Battle Royale title of the 2010’s decade. However, PUBG mobile is still a massive attraction in the year ’22 considering the fact that the game was earning at least $8.1 million per day on average this past year. It does not seem like the popularity of PUBG mobile will be declining anytime soon but there is no question that everyone has their respective opinion on which Battle Royale game from the past few years is the best of all-time thus far.


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