Kingdom Hearts IV- Should it be saved for next generation consoles?

As many people know the Kingdom Hearts series has been around for 20 years now and the series is arguably more popular than it has ever been since the mid 2000’s. Square Enix just released the latest installment within the series KH3 back in 2019 and we now have an official reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV. The trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV looked very impressive despite there being limited details about the game itself in relation to the story. We do know that character such as Sora, Goofy and Mickey have been confirmed to reappear in Kingdom Hearts IV but its currently unclear who the main antagonist is going to be. The setting that was presented in the trailer took place in a fictional city called Quadratum which is based off of Tokyo, Japan.

The world design in Kingdom Hearts IV looked incredibly realistic and the gameplay featuring Sora looked incredible. However, during the reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV there was no release date for the game or any confirmation that it was going to appear on the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X anytime in the near future. In fact seeing how long it took Square Enix to release Kingdom Hearts III after KH2 was released in ’05 some are wondering if whether or not the game will even be released for the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. At this point some are speculating that we may have to wait toward the end of the 20’s decade for the release of Kingdom Hearts IV. This begs the question on whether or not Kingdom Hearts IV should be released for current generation consoles or should Square Enix wait until next gen game systems come out. A huge part on why Kingdom Hearts III was so popular prior to its release in ’19 was because of anticipation that had been building for about fourteen years following the emergence of Kingdom Hearts 2 from 2005. It should also be noted that the first reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts III appeared back in ’13 before the game’s official release in ’19 which could possibly mean that that Kingdom Hearts IV will not be released anytime soon on the PlayStation 5.

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