Elysium- Soul Calibur’s most unsung villain?

As many people know its been about a decade since Soul Calibur V was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2012. Despite, the initial reaction this game received following its release Soul Calibur V was considered to be a solid fighting game overall by many critics. The gameplay, graphics, online and creation modes were all considered to be strong positives. The main story in Soul Calibur V was not quite as interesting as previous installments and felt rushed but the inclusion of new characters such as: Pyrrhia, Patroklos and Elysium made up for those aspects of the game. The story for Soul Calibur V is somewhat dark and twisted and had Patroklos as the main protagonist who wielded the good sword while his sister Pyrrhia became malfested due to having the Soul Edge in her possession. Towards the end of the story mode in Soul Calibur V players engage in challenging boss battle against an angelic entity that emerged from the Soul Calibur sword named Elysium.

The most intriguing thing about Elysium is the fact that she was not considered to be evil by nature; but instead her actions in order to achieve her destiny by destroying the Soul Edge despite its wielder made her appear villainous. There is no question that Patroklos had compassion for his sister and loved her despite being malfested. Elysium on the other hand was considered to be a angelic yet judgemental entity that emerged from the Soul Calibur sword that disregarded the tragic circumstances surrounding Patroklos and Pyrrhia’s situation. Even though, the Soul Edge was a danger to the world and was responsible for transforming the likes of Siegfried into Azure Knight; Elysium’s true nemesis was the malevolent spirit inside of the Soul Edge sword known as Inferno. However, during the battle against Patroklos it should be noted that Elysium appeared in physical form in resemblance to his mother Sophitia Alexandra. The irony of Elysium taking the form of Sophitia was the fact that Patroklos mother was responsible for placing a shard of the Soul Edge near her daughter Pyrrhia’s heart to keep her alive when she was an infant. Pyrrhia’s desire to obtain the Soul Edge was because of Sophitia’s actions and it felt like Elysium’s resemblance of her reflected that. While Nightmare is considered to be most prominent main antagonist in the Soul Calibur series many would argue that Elysium was quite possibly the most underrated villain in the series.

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