Jin Kazama- Most popular anti-hero of late 90’s gaming?

The 90’s was such a magical time to be a gamer especially for those who were huge fans of arcade fighting games during that decade. One of the most popular arcade fighting games to have emerged from the 90’s was Namco’s Tekken 3 which is considered to be an all-time classic by various critics. The main protagonist of Tekken 3 was Jin Kazama who was the son of the main antagonist of Tekken 2 Kazuya Kazama. Jin Kazama inherited the Devil Gene from his father but but was unlike him personality wise due to how his mother Jun Kazama raised him. Not only was Jin Kazama considered to be a cool character by many people but he was highly regarded as one of the most popular characters within the entire series. Jin Kazama’s initial goal was to end the Mishima Bloodline in order to save the world but eventually he ends up becoming a straight up villain by Tekken 6 when he becomes the owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu. When you look back at Jin Kazama’s backstory its pretty tragic especially considering the fact that his grandfather Heihachi Mishima tried to kill him in Tekken 3. While Heihachi Mishima tried to kill Kazuya by throwing him into a volcano in Tekken 2 he ended up doing something similar to Jin in Tekken 3 fearing what he might become in the future. Jin Kazama’s dark story and character design along with his BGM from Tekken 3 made him one of the most memorable video game characters within the past 25 years. Also, there were many people who were impressed by his devil form because it made him more powerful and it was the opposite of what you would see in a traditional protagonist back in the day. To say that Jin Kazama was the most popular anti-hero of the 90’s in general is something that is debatable but when it comes down to video games he would most likely be in many people’s top ten.

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