Tekken Bloodline anime set to appear on Netflix in near future

Everybody is talking about the upcoming animated series entitled Tekken: Bloodline which is set to be released on Netflix sometime later in 2022. While the official air date for the Tekken: Bloodline anime has yet to be revealed there are many people who were impressed by what they saw in the trailer. The animation looked and the voice over acting was top notch while featuring couple of familiar faces from the Tekken series. The characters featured in the trailer for Tekken: Bloodline included Jin Kazama, Jun Kazama King, Paul Phoenix along with villains such as Kazuya, Ogre and Heihachi Mishima. Its almost certain that Tekken: Bloodline is going to be an adaptation of earlier installments within the series like the third game which was released back in 1997. The trailer for Tekken: Bloodline seemingly presents Jin Kazama as the main protagonist while focusing on his origins along with development in relation to his character. Its unclear whether or not the conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation will eventually be emphasized at some point in Tekken: Bloodline. However, there is no question that Tekken; Bloodline will highlight the Mishima Zaibatsu especially considering the fact the business conglomerate was the main sponsors for the previous Iron Fist Tournaments in the video game series. The Bloodline Netflix series will be the first 2D anime in the Tekken series since ’98 when the motion picture was released. In fact, Tekken: Bloodline looks more promising than the live action film from ’09 and almost every bit as cool as 3D animated film Tekken: Blood Vengeance from 2011. At this point everyone is waiting for a potential sequel to the critically acclaimed Tekken 7 game which came out back in 2015.

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