Does Grand Theft Auto: Vice City still hold up 20 years?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is considered to be one of the most iconic action-adventure games to have been released for the PS2 back in the early 00’s. Since its release back in 2002 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has managed to reach over 10 million copies on the PS2 becoming the the forth best selling video game for the PlayStation 2. Its hard to believe that the game was released almost 20 years ago but then again the PS2 came out in 2000 which three generations ago in relation to Sony consoles. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had almost everything one can ask for in a “M” rated action adventure game. GTA: Vice City had nice graphics, solid storytelling along with improved gameplay in comparison to its ’01 prequel Grand Theft Auto III. The storyline and the overall game itself felt similar to the Scarface movie from ’83. For those who never played a GTA game in their lives Vice City would be a good installment for people to start with. Even though, GTA: Vice City is not necessarily the best installment within its series the game is considered to be a critically acclaimed classic.

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