Fable 4 Confirmed For Future Release On Xbox Series X!!!

One of the most highly anticipated games that people are looking forward to seeing one the Xbox One/Xbox Series X in the future is Fable 4. For those who are unaware the Fable series began back in ‘04 with the very last installment within the series Fable III appearing on the Xbox 360 back in 2010. Out of all of the Fable games that we got to see since 2004 many people would go on record and argue that Fable II was the best installment within the entire series. Since its initial release back ‘08 Fable II reached at least 3.5 million in sales; arguably becoming the successful installment within the series despite the very first Fable game having a lot of strong points as well. The teaser trailer for Fable 4 has given us insight on what to expect in terms of gameplay with the inclusion of mythical creatures such as fairies along with elements of magic.

The storyline for Fable 4 is also supposed to be very intriguing considering the fact that Albion has seemingly faced destruction from an asteroid wished into existence by a King who takes over Tattered Spire from Fable II. Its also been discovered that Guild & Theresa are on a different planet while hiding from all of the madness brought in by the King; players will be able to gain access to the planet with the use of a demon door. It should also be noted that Fable 4 will also feature multiplayer gameplay along with the main story that is single player as well. As it currently stands there is no official release date for Fable 4 but its expected to appear on the Xbox Series X sometime between 2021-2022. Hopefully, we will learn more information about Fable 4 before the end of 2020 regarding the actual gameplay along with new features that we may see in this upcoming installment.

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