Does Outrun 2019 deserve a 3D remake?

When it comes down to underrated racing games from the 90’s titles such as Top Gear, Super Monaco GP and Rock n’ Roll Racing are games that instantly comes to mind. After all, those were all big titles on their respective consoles whether it be the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or the Sega Genesis. However, when it comes down to underrated racing titles for the Sega Genesis games like Outrun 2019 comes to mind. Despite, Outrun 2019 not being as popular as the original Outrun game from 1986 it was still a racing title that some people thought was cool back in ’93 for the Sega Genesis.

Since we are now in the year 2019 a 3D remake of this particular Outrun game would be interesting. Its doubtful on whether or not there many retro gamers remember Outrun 2019 or not. Even if there were people who wanted to see a remake of Outrun 2019 it seems unlikely that Sega would have any interest on making it a reality anytime in the future.

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