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Should there have been a Kid Chameleon game for the Sega Saturn?

As many know Kid Chameleon was an underrated platformer for the Sega Genesis following its release back in 1992. The game was praised by critics for its graphics along with having multiple endings which would force people to play the game more than once. With at least 100 different levels Kid Chameleon was a game that seemed almost as interesting as Sonic the Hedgehog but not nearly as popular. Despite, not being as popular as Sonic the Hedgehog I-III some would argue that the game deserved some type of sequel for the Sega Saturn or even Dreamcast back in the 90’s.

The idea of Sega making a 3D sequel to Kid Chameleon would be difficult to fathom unless the company was very creative. A 2D sequel to Kid Chameleon would have her interesting to see on the Sega Saturn but sales for the game would not have been as great. Kid Chameleon did not have a large fan base back in the early 90’s and its possible that the demand to make a sequel for the game was not high enough during the time. Despite, the fact that Sega did not make a sequel for Kid Chameleon re-releasing the game for the Sega Saturn between ’95-’97 would of been interesting.

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