Should Shenmue 3 be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

The along awaited sequel of Shenmue II will finally be be available for the PlayStation 4 sometime during the second half of 2018 and the world is anxious to see if whether or not Shenmue III is a worthy successor.  But since over $6.3 million was raised through Kickstarter to fund Shenmue III the game looks promising and seems like it will be one of the hottest titles of 2018.  While Shenmue III expected to be released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 there are some who question whether or not the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch.  

If Sega was developing this game opposed to Nelio or Ys Net there most likely have been a better chance of Shenmue III receiving a port for the Nintendo Switch.  However, it’s not to late for fans of the Shenmue series to make their voices heard in regards to a potential Switch release for the third game.  As of right now there is a online petition going around to have Shenmue III ported for the Nintendo Switch that has been around for about nine months now.  So for those who want to see Shenmue III on the Nintendo Switch you are encouraged to sign it on

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