As many of us heard officials from Nintendo had announced that they believe that that they Nintendo Switch will surpass the Wii-U overall sales within a year.  As of right now that seems like something that is very likely especially considering how popular the game console has been since its release back in March 2017.  

Not only has the sales for the Nintendo Switch been very high but the best might be yet to come during the upcoming holidays Black Friday and Christmas.  When it comes to sales the Wii U had only managed to sale over 13 million units worldwide in five years.  As of right now Nintendo expects to do at at least 14 million units by March 2018. With popular games such as Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Arms and other upcoming titles in 2018. It would be safe to say that selling at least 14 million units by March 2018 is a realistic goal.  However, it could be meetvwith some resistance since Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox One X in earlyNovember of  2017.  

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