Could Perfect Dark have worked on the PS1?

Perfect Dark was without a doubt one of the best first person shooter stealth games that we have ever seen on the N64.  Everything about Perfect Dark such as the plot, gameplay and graphics made the game a classic.  If the game was released for the PS1 instead of the N64 Perfect Dark may not have had the type of success that it had.

By the late 90’s early 00’s many people were turning to games like Metal Gear Solid and Tomb Raider for the PS1.  If Perfect Dark was featured on the PS1 it could have been easily overshadowed by many big titles that were on the console.  Perfect Dark being an N64 exclusive back in the early 00’s is probably the the reason why the game managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide following its release in mid 2000.  It also seemed like first person shooter titles were more popular on N64 while the PS1 seemed to have more third person titles that were memorable.  While Perfect Dark could have worked out on the PS1 it was much better if on the N64 in the long run.  

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