Should Nintendo bring Duck Hunt to the Nintendo Switch eShop?

It would be pretty cool if we saw more NES Classic featured on the eShop Nintendo Switch since we already have Mario Bros which was released in the 80’s.  When we think about classic NES titles we think about games such as Duck Hunt where players got to use the NES Zapper to hunt.  While having Duck Hunt in the Nintendo eShop would be really cool in theory there would be a lot of uncertainty in how if would play out in practice.  

Without the NES Zapper Duck Hunt will no be nearly as exciting as it was for the NES.  Besides we haven’t seen a remake or a sequel to Duck Hunt since it was first released back in spring of 1984.  While Dunk Hunt is a classic that some people would like to see in the Nintendo Switch eShop the chances of it actually happen are quite slim as of right now.

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