Retro Gaming- Soul Blazer: (1992)

If you are a retro gamer from the early 90’s than Soul Blazer must be a title that instantly comes to mind in relation to the 16 bit era of gaming.  Soul Blazer was an Action RPG that was developed Quintet and released exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1992.  The plot for Soul Blazer is interesting since its about a warrior from the heavens who is sent by the Master to the Freil Empire to defeat all types of monsters while freeing numerous people from lairs after being captured.  

As players progress throughout the game they find themselves in numerous dungeon crawling style battles where each victory over a monster leads to the liberation of a soul along with the reconstruction of various town that were destroyed.  Since its release for the SNES Soul Blazer has managed to sell over 290,000 million units worldwide and was considered to be one of the best Action RPG titles of the early 90’s.  Many people are probably shocked by the fact that Soul Blazer was ever re-released on the Game Boy Advance or even featured on the SNES Classic.  Either way the game is still considered an SNES Classic from the 16 bit era.  

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