Retro Gaming- The King of Fighters 2000

There is no doubt at all that the King of Fighters series is highly underrated and deserved more in terms if success.  When King if Fighters 2000 was released during the start of the century many people probably took the game for granted.  After all it was around this time period where 3D fighting titles such as Tekken 3 and Soul Calibur started to become very popular.  

But despite the fact that 2D gaming was started to decline the King of Fighters series still managed to maintain enough popularity to stay relevant throughout the 00’s and even to this day. King of Fighters 2000 follows the story from KOF 99′ and features many characters including Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, Ryo Sakazaki and many others.  Also, each character belongs to different teams similar to some of the previous games. Also, the Active Striker System was one of the in game mechanics that added to the replay value of King of Fighters 2000.   When it comes down to sales King of Fighters 2000 did not do as well as many expected but if the game was marketed more worldwide it could have done great.  Especially, considering the fact that King of Fighters 2000 was released for multiple game consoles such as the Neo Geo and the PS2.  

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