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Games from the 00’s- Grand Theft Auto III: (2001)

We all remember Grand Theft Auto III back when it was released in the early 00’s for the PlayStation 2. Grand Theft Auto III was the first title in the series that utilized third person camera angles during gameplay opposed to the first two GTA titles which were both released back in the 90’s. When Grand Theft Auto III was released back in 2001 many people loved the in-depth graphics along with the amount of realism the game had to offer.

One of the most interesting things about Grand Theft Auto III was the plot because there are so many twists and turns that kept players interested in the story itself.  The fact that Claude’s ex-girlfriend Catalina who turned on him in the beginning of the game ended up being one of the main antagonists of GTA III was something that made completing seem meaningful.  Along with aligning himself with various people who are enemies of the Columbia Cartel led by Catalina the game sees Claude in various missions that involve getting revenge on his ex-girlfriend and putting an end to her gang once and for all.

When it comes down sales Grand Theft Auto III may have exceeded the initial expectations of many people.  In fact Grand Theft Auto III had sold more than three times the amount its predecessor Grand Theft Auto II did when it was released back in 2001.  Since its release Grand Theft Auto III has reportedly sold over 13 million units worldwide for the PS2 while GTA II has sold over 3.4 million for the PS1.  Along with GTA Vice City and San Andreas Grand Theft Auto III is probably one of the most exciting  third person shooter games of the 00’s.

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