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Would Tekken have worked on Nintendo consoles?

The Tekken series was very big in the fighting genre of gaming in arcade centers and for the Sony PlayStation back in the 90’s.  Despite, how successful Tekken was on the Sony PlayStation some people wonder how successful the series would have been if it was released for the Nintendo 64 instead.  The Nintendo 64 was arguably a stronger game console because played 64 bit titles opposed to 32 bit ones like the PS1 did.  

When it came down to the  3D fighting games the genre itself was not as popular on the Nintendo 64 like it was for the PS1.   In fact there are hardly any memorable 3D fighting titles for the Nintendo 64 that many people can think off of the top of their head.  In terms of whether or not the Tekken series could have of worked on the N64 or the Nintendo Wii is debatable.  Since    Super Mario & Zelda games are constantly marked for Nintendo based consoles there would have been a decent chance that the Tekken series would Haven overshadowed as a result.  The sales for Tekken games on the N64 and the Wii would have very poor in comparison to those on the PlayStation consoles.

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  1. The N64 pad really was atrocious for fighters.

    I have ClayFighter, Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat 4, and they really are all borderline unplayable due to the terrible pad. I like Tekken, but I can’t really see how the N64 pad could deal with the button for a limb set up of Tekken.

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