Should Sega develop another Street of Rage Game?


When it comes down to the beat em up genre the Street of Rage series was probably among the best during the 16 bit era of gaming.  For many years people have been dying to see a sequel to Streets of Rage 3 which was released in 1994.  At one point we almost got a Streets of Rage 4 game for the Sega Saturn but as many of us know it was eventually cancelled.  When Streets of Rage 4 was under development it was designed as a 3D game that did not included any of the original characters from the series such as Axel, Blaze or Skate.  Instead a whole new cast of characters were included and it was ultimately release as Fighting Force for multiple game consoles such as PlayStation and the Nintendo 64.   As cool as a 3D Streets of Rage game sounded in theory some might argue that it would not have worked well in practice at the time.


During the mid to late 90’s 3D gaming was still new and character models for many popular games such as Tekken and Virtua Fighter looked blocky.  Also, switching from high quality 2D sprites and graphics to basic 3D polygons would possibly diminish quality of the game by taking away everything that made the Streets of Rage series popular to begin with.   If Sega were to make a new Streets of Rage game in 3D today it would probably be a lot better since the quality of gaming & technology has improved dramatically during the past two decades.  Even though, the possibility of a new Streets of Rage game seems highly unlikely it would be pretty cool if we saw a new game in future.

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