Retro Games- Soul Calibur V: (2012)


After Soul Calibur IV was released in 2008 many people were anxious to see what the sequel for the game was going to be like.  While Soul Calibur IV was a pretty good 3D fighting game the same thing could also be said about Soul Calibur V.  There were many aspects about Soul Calibur V that was good including the gameplay and the detailed graphics which were nothing short of impressive.  One of the main drawbacks about Soul Calibur V in general was the story mode.  Many critics have argued that the story mode in Soul Calibur V looked like it was rushed and only gave people the opportunity to play as a few characters such as Patroklos and Pyrrha.  Along with those two people also got to play with other new characters such as Z.W.E.I., Viola and even the guest character Ezio Auditore Da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.  While Soul Calibur V presented some new characters people also got to see the return of some of their favorites from older games such as Siegfried, Tira, Ivy and others.


In addition, to having spectacular graphics and smooth gameplay mechanics Soul Calibur V had also presented a cool super move system which was synonymous to something that people would normally see on a Street Fighter game.  Aside from the story mode there were various other game options in Soul Calibur V that was enjoyable including the online multiplayer mode.  Along with the online multiplayer game mode players could create their own characters in order to play in the offline quick battle mode which is probably one of the more interesting aspects of this game.  Even though, the storyline for Soul Calibur V has received heavy criticism since its release it was still an overall decent fighting game which had many people looking forward to a potential sequel if there will ever be one in the future.

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