Classic Games- Contra Hard Corps: (1994)


When it comes down to games for the Sega Genesis Contra Hard Corps is probably known to be one of the best run and gun games for that console.  While some people might debate on the quality between Contra Hard Corps and Contra: Alien Wars for the SNES many people will agree that in terms of gameplay Hard Corps was great.  The visual design for each level was great and presented players with fast paced gameplay.  In Contra Hard Corps people had the choice of playing as four characters including Ray, Sheena, Fang the werewolf and Brownie the robot along with having the ability to utilize at least fifteen different weapons throughout the game.  The cool thing about playing Contra Hard Corps is that characters can switch between four different weapon  power ups in each level which made destroying enemies on screen more convenient.

Also, Contra Hard Corps provided players with the freedom of choice since the game featured branching storylines that could lead to multiple endings.  In Contra Hard Corps players are expected to complete multiple levels in order to stop the notorious Colonel Bahamut which is a task that is much easier said than done.  Contra Hard Corps is a nice classic for the Sega Genesis even though some people would probably have preferred the gameplay and graphics utilized on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Unlike, Contra III: Alien Wars this game does not include top down stages which was a pretty cool feature for the SNES.   However, Contra Hard Corps still provides an unforgettable gaming experience for those who are huge fans of the series.  While some would agree that Contra: Hard Corps is a classic for the Sega Genesis its quite debatable on whether or not its the best game in the series.  This 16 bit classic developed by Konami is definitely one that would be very tough to find in used gaming stores in countries like America.

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