There are many racing games from the 1990’s that old school remember such as the Sega Outrun series which originated in the mid 80’s.  While the original Sega Outrun which was released in 1986 was considered to be the most popular title in the series there were also other games related to it that were also seemed to play during the early 90’s.  In 1993, Outrun 2019 was released exclusively for the Sega Genesis game console as a single player racing title.  Even though, Outrun 2019 did not have too many game modes the gameplay itself made for an exciting racing title. The futuristic vibe of this Outrun 2019 was a very nice touch especially with the turbo boaster that players received while driving.  Before starting Outrun 2019 players had the option of changing the their transmission to either automatic or manual along with altering the level of difficultly in the game.  One of the things that stood out the most about this game included the soundtrack.  The BGM for this game was great for each stage with soundtracks such as Steal Into The Night, Feel the Beat and especially Relight My Fire which was probably the best.

The stages in this were also pretty specially as one progressed throughout the game. There were so many stages in the game that were awesome including the night city from Stage 3, Route 9 along with Routes 4 & 5 in Stage 4.  One of the best stages in Outrun 2019 in terms of visuals included Stage 4, Route 9 which was simply amazing as far as landscape is concerned.  As one got closer towards the end of Outrun 2019 the game felt more futuristic which really added to the excitement of this game along with the challenges that are presented in terms of completing each stage.   Sega Outrun 2019 was a pretty exciting racing game for the Sega Genesis that many people probably felt deserved an arcade release opposed to being made available exclusively for a home console.  While seeing an arcade version of Outrun 2019 would have been amazing but some people would probably agree that a 3D remake of this game would be even better considering the fact that we are getting very close to the actual year.  Even though, Outrun 2019 was not considered to be the most popular within its series the game itself was still a decent game that many casual racing fans would enjoy during the 16 bit era of gaming.

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