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Retro Gaming- Power Stone 2: (2000)


There were so many cool games for the Sega Dreamcast that was released during the late 90’s and the early 00’s in North America that many people enjoyed.  The only problem was that the Sega Dreamcast had seemed short lived in North America considering the fact that the console itself was discontinued in 2001.  When some people think about cool titles for the Sega Dreamcast one of the games that instantly comes to mind is Power Stone 2.  When the original Power Stone game was released by Capcom in 1999 for the Sega NAOMI  in arcade centers many people were blown away by the 3D gameplay and graphics it had to offer.   Shortly after the original Power Stone game made it debut  Capcom had released a sequel in 2000 that was also available for arcade along with the Sega Dreamcast.   As good as Power Stone 2 was some might argue that the game does not get as much recognition that it deserves.  Power Stone 2 was a multiplayer 3D arena fighting game that could included up to four players at once.  One of the reason why Power Stone 2 was so impressive is because it was similar to the original Super Smash Bros game but different.  While the original Super Smash Bros title had included 2D gameplay  Power Stone had featured the same thing but in 3D.  Also, how many people can say that they have played a 3D arena fighting title at an arcade center unless they encountered a game  like Power Stone.

Even though, Power Stone had less people in it than the original Super Smash Bros there still some exciting characters in the game such as Jack, Mel , Julia, Rouge, Ayame and others you can choose while playing this  3D arena fighting classic.  One of the features about Power Stone 2 that was impressive included the transitions that occurred in some of the stages.  During the airship stage players can do battle and right before it loses altitude and starts to fall they can battle while sky diving which was something that was unheard off but at the same time awesome.  When it came down to arena fighting games Power Stone 2 was one of best and looking back at this game some would probably argue that it was ahead of its time considering the time period it was released in.  As gamers we were very fortunate to be graced with a fighting title like Power Stone 2 but unfortunately the series was short lived since Sega had never developed a direct sequel for it. Any one who was a fan of the Power Stone series in the early 00’s can understand how fun the game truly was and if they still have a copy of it for the Sega Dreamcast they realize how much value the CD-ROM currently has.

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