Retro Gaming- Ranger X: (1993)


There were many cool games that were released for the Sega Genesis in the 1990’s that many people enjoyed.  While Ranger X is a pretty good side scrolling 2D title for the Sega Genesis it sometimes does not get the credit that it generally deserves.  Ranger X was a  run and gun title that some people would consider a underrated game from the 16-bit era.  The reason why some people would consider Ranger X an underrated title is because it was a very fun game to play along with having fantastic 2D graphics and effects.  One of the coolest features about Ranger X includes the 3D like visual cutscenes before the start of each level because it makes the game feel more realistic.  The cutscenes along with the awesome 2D graphics, sound effects and optimal 16-bit gameplay made Ranger X  a very exciting title.  Along with having nice visuals players were given a special arsenal of weapons to help them in combat.  Ranger X not only looked impressive but was also not as complicated as it looked.  The first three levels of Ranger X were straightforward and seemed easy in comparison to Level 4.and every other stage afterwards.

If players learned how to utilize the jet pack properly in this game then they would be in good shape going into the fourth level.   The soundtrack for Ranger X was also pretty cool because it provided a special feeling to the atmosphere of each stage.  The soundtrack for levels 1 & 5 were among  the best in the game all though opinions may very among people who have played Ranger X.  The futuristic vibes that Ranger X provided along with spectacular 2D gameplay seemed made the game itself special.  Even though, Ranger X was not highly marketed as it should have been it does not mean that it was not a great title.  Some people are probably surprised that GAU Entertainment had never made a sequel for Ranger X for Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn or Dreamcast.  While Ranger X had a basic plot it felt like it had the potential to be something a bit more complex than it was especially since there was so much creativity that went into developing this game.  In fact, a whole series could have been developed following the release of Ranger X which would have been interesting going into the 32/64 bit era of gaming.  Even though, Ranger X had never produced a sequel some people who have played the game would probably be thrilled to see a remake of this game.

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