Classic Gaming- Turbo Outrun: (1989)


There have been so many cool racing games that have been released since during the 1980’s and 90’s that are considered classics by people who grew during these time periods.  When some people think about racing classics they immediately think about arcade  games such as Daytona USA and Sega Out Run which were two titles that were highly popular during the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Sega Out Run is considered to be one of the most popular racing games of all time because of its excellent visuals and its highly innovate gameplay.  Following the release of the original Out Run game  in the mid 80’s Sega had produced another popular title called Turbo Outrun which was released worldwide in early 1989.  Similar to the original Out Run game Turbo Outrun had included fantastic visuals and excellent gameplay that exceeded the expectations of many people.  Not only was the visual design for Turbo Outrun awesome the soundtracks for this game including “Keep Your Heart”, “Shake the Street”, Rush a Difficulty and “Who Are You” were magnificent.

The soundtrack for “Rush a Difficulty” was probably one of the best songs that you would hear in a racing game next to “Track 1” in  Top Gear for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Along with the soundtrack the concept for this game was also pretty cool because it required players to race across the country starting from New York all the way to Los Angles, California.  This game had featured a total of sixteen stages that were located throughout America including New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angles, Atlanta and the Grand Canyon.  Some of the stages for each city were tough to get through while others were simply just beautiful in terms of visual design.  The night sky of Chicago along with the mesmerizing beach of Miami were simply unforgettable were among some of the best stages in the entire game.  One of the coolest features about Turbo Outrun included how the landscape was constantly changing every time you passed a checkpoint.  Every time someone passes a checkpoint in the game it generally meant they were entering another city in another state.  As fun as Turbo Outrun was the game itself was a lot harder than it looked. While racing players have to deal with a ton of traffic along with objects that were in the role which played a crucial role in slowing them down.

Also, Turbo Outrun features an overheating meter at the bottom of the screen which added realism to the game.  When driving throughout various stages players must keep an eye on the overheating meter because they will be in a lot of trouble if it becomes to high.  The added realism to this game challenges players find a balance between caution and speed during each race which can also prove to be more difficult than it seems.  After, Turbo Outrun was released in arcade centers worldwide the game was made for Commodore C64,  Commodore Amiga and the Sega Mega Drive. Even though, many people liked the fact that the game received various ports many people would prefer arcade version over anything else.  Overall, Turbo Outrun was a wonderful racing classic and if anyone decides to play any version of this game they would be better of choosing the arcade version over anything else.

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