When we think about the top platform games during the 90’s we think about many popular titles such as Super Mario and the Sonic series.  The thing about Mario and Sonic was that they both started out as 2D platform games before becoming 3D during the mid 90’s.  Crash Bandicoot which was developed by mainly by Naughty Dog during the mid-90’s and was one of the many games that started off as 3D platform game as opposed to to other popular 2D titles of Nintendo and Sega.  After this game was published by Sony Computer Entertainment it was one of the coolest 3D games to be released for the PlayStation console at the time.  The main protagonist Crash goal in this game is to stop the main villain Doctor Neo Cortex from taking over the world.  However, many people should not worry too much about Doctor Neo Cortex because towards the end of the game when you battle him as the final boss he is not nearly as difficult as he appears to be.

However, while progressing throughout the game players get to travel throughout various levels and play throughout many tough yet exciting stages in Crash Bandicoot.  Some of the cool things about Crash Bandicoot includes the gameplay itself.  The stages in Crash Bandicoot utilizes various styles of platforming gameplay from a 3D perspective which makes this title very unique.  An example would be the “Great Gate” which utilized a  3D side-scrolling form a gameplay.  The level design for the Great Gate was pretty unique and innovative since 3D side scrolling gameplay was something that was not common during the 90’s with some of the most popular platform titles at the time including Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Spyro the Dragon. The “Boulder” stage was also very exciting because it was one of the many games that featured third person gameplay.  Another thing about the “Boulder” stage that was interesting was the Indiana Jones reference in the beginning where players must out run the giant rock to avoid being crushed by it so they can proceed on completing the level.

Even though, the original Crash Bandicoot game was very fun to play one of the many aspects about this game that was annoying at times was the loading screens.  The loading screens made people want to slam their controllers on the ground at times but since this was the PS1 game console there was not much anyone could really do about it.  Besides most people were too busy have fun while they were trying to complete the game itself.  As of this year the game has reportedly sold at least 6.8 million units worldwide since its release in 1996.  The thing about the amount of sales the original Crash Bandicoot game that was astounding is the fact that the sequels were even better and sold more than the original game.  Since its release Crash Bandicoot has been known to be one of the best platform games for the Sony PlayStation  during the mid to late 90’s along with Spyro the Dragon making this title an instant classic that many old school gamers would love to play again.

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