Was the Sonic Advance series better than the Sonic 3D games during the 2000’s?


Before the start of the new millennium Sonic the Hedgehog was popular worldwide as a fast paced 2D side scrolling platform game.  When Sonic the Hedgehog made its transition from 2D into 3D gaming there were many critics were not too impressed with Sonic 3D Blast released in 1996.  However, when Sonic Adventure was released in 1998 many people believed that it was a much better game than Sonic 3D Blast.  Over two years later when Sonic Adventure 2 was released many fans were highly impressed with the gameplay, plot, along with the introduction of new characters such as Shadow and Rouge.  Along with the release of Sonic Adventure 2 in the early 00’s the Sonic Advance had also started a few months later that same year in 2001.  The Sonic Advance series for the Game Boy Advance was fun to play because the 2D graphics & sprites was reminiscent of the Sega Genesis during the early 90’s.

Ever since the release of Sonic Adventure 2 most of the 3D games in the series had fallen below the expectations of both critics and fans alike.  Sonic Adventure 2 was an awesome game to play on both the Sega Dreamcast along with the Nintendo GameCube. If Sega wanted to make a Sonic Adventure 3 it would of been very difficult prequel in terms of storyline along with living up to the high quality expectations of fans around the world. Even though, various games such as Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Secret Rings have done pretty well in terms of sales some might argue that they were not quite as exciting as Adventure 2.  The Sonic Advance series had utilized the old 2D side scrolling platform formula which would appeal to people who were fans of the older games during the early 90’s.

Not only were the 2D graphics and sprites for Sonic Advance fantastic but the gameplay was better than ever.  Sonic Advance 3 was pretty cool in terms of gameplay because along with choosing any character one could pick whoever they wanted as a partner.  However, the original Sonic Advance game has sold more worldwide than its successors by reaching over two million sales.  Sonic Advance was probably one of the best selling games in the Sonic series next to Rush and the Secret Rings.  Sometimes it makes people what if Sega made Sonic the Hedgehog 4 the same way they did the Advance series as a home console?  Either way, one can make the argument that in someways the Sonic Advance series was somewhat more enjoyable then some of the 3D Sonic games released for home consoles such PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

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